Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Summer 2022

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

Please find our Summer Term Welcome Letter here.

Please find our Summer Term Curriculum Information here.

Washingpool Farm Trip

Everyone was very excited to be heading out on our first proper school trip today!  The sun was shining as we explored the farm, learning about the animals and the produce that they grow there.

The children loved being involved important farm jobs such as feeding the pigs and chickens and collecting the eggs.

Our highlights:

- seeing 2 day old lambs

- seeing 2 week old calves

- feeding the pigs and seeing them roll in the mud!

- collecting the eggs

- planting our own sunflowers

- seeing all the produce growing in the polytunnels

- playing on the play equipment






Axe Valley Animal Park Trip

What a fantastic day we had at Axe Valley.  We were so impressed with the children, being brave enough to hold a snake, Chinese Water Dragon, leaf insect and stroke the armadillo!  The children were so gentle with the creatures.  

After our animal handling session we fed the meerkats, went guinea pig fishing and had plenty of time to explore the rest of the park.  We saw lemurs, zebras, the new wolves, the giant tortoise, the lynx, to name but a few.  There was also some time to spend on the play equipment, of course, lots of climbing is great for our core strength!  

Photos are in the Gallery.