Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Summer 2024

Welcome back to the Summer Term!

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We are looking forwards to lots of outside learning and exploring in the sunshine as well as some exciting trips.

Check back soon to see what we have been upto.

Washingpool Farm Trip 

We have had such a great day out at Washingpool Farm today.  We have fed the chickens and collected their eggs.  We were amazed to see all the different colours and sizes of the eggs.  We fed the pigs and learnt about how they use mud as sun cream.  We saw the cows, and were lucky that they let us watch them quietly through the gate for a long time.  We learnt about how good soil contains a lot of worms, so we set about digging in the field to see if it was good soil ... lots of worms were found, it must be good soil! Lastly, we were shown around the poly tunnels where lots of seedlings and other plants were growing.  We even got to taste some of the herbs that were growing.  A very busy, but fun day out!






The Tiny Seed

There has been lots of planting and growing linked to our book, The Tiny Seed.

We wrote some information leaflets about how tiny seeds should try and stay safe ready to grow in the Spring.  We also explored collage to decorate them.  Our wise advice included: not getting eaten by a bird, not landing in the desert or on a snowy mountain and not flying too close to the Sun!


We also harvested our cress and made delicious cress sandwiches. 



Forest School

We have loved being back in the forest and having great fun with the new equipment.  It is great for developing our physical strength, control and balance.