Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Summer 2024

Upcoming dates for Class 4

  • Tuesday 23rd April – Parent information session about Carey Camp Residential
  • Monday 13th – Thursday 16th May KS2 SATs week for Year 6
  • Monday 20th May - Concert at Bridport Arts Centre - 
  • Friday 24th May – Meting with Giles Nicholson Service Manager for Coast and Greenspace about Bee’s in Bridport
  • Friday 7th June - WE Day
  • Monday 10th – Wednesday 12th June – Class 4 Residential to Carey Camp
  • Monday 24th– Friday 28th June – Sports week.  Sports Day on Friday 28th June
  • Wednesday 10th July – End of Year Production – The Wizard of Oz
  • Monday 22nd July – Achievers Service
  • Tuesday 23rd July – Leavers Service

Letters home this term

Trip to concert at Bridport Arts Centre 20.5.24

 This week

Next week is SATs week for our Year 6’s. They have been working incredibly hard all year and we could not be prouder of them.  They have taken on the Class 4 mantra to, ‘just do it & do your best’.  They are ready.  Next week, they will be tucking into a pre-test breakfast before the school will fall silent to allow them to focus. You got this Team Y6!

While lots of revision has been going on for Year 6, the Year 5’s has been writing stories about their own Lost Thing.  They have published their work and they looked forward to sharing their stories with the other children.  At lunch time, they took their completed stories out and read them to Class 1 & 2 while they had lunch.  A truly magical sight!

With the weather being so beautiful this week, we have taken the opportunity to try out some of the newer PE equipment.  The Athletics equipment has been replaced and added too.  This week we tried javelin, shotput, discus, and long jump.  We had lots of fun and many house points were earnt for being able to jump a massive 2m from standing!

Fingers crossed the sun stays out!!!

Start of term 

Welcome letter Curriculum Map