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Spring 2024

Welcome to 2024 and the Spring Term.  We have a lot of exciting learning topics to get through this term and we are looking forward to sharing this with you.

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Wizard of Oz

Letters 15.3.24

We had the most fabulous time watching the West End Showing of the Wizard of Oz.  The children have been told, before we left, that this will be the production that we put on for our end of term performance in July.  They were excited and watched intensely, mouths open, at the performance and songs, ready to grab ideas for our own version.  They loved every moment. 

At the end of the performance, I was approached by several people, who were sat in the rows behind us, to comment on the group’s behaviour in the theatre and how lovely their reactions had been throughout the performance.  As a teacher, it is so lovely to have comments like this from members of the public about our children.   Very proud teacher.  Great work team!   

Daily Physical Activity

Every day in Class 4 we like to start our day with an active burst.  Our DPA (Daily Physical Activity) sessions not only help us with our fitness but also getting our minds ready for our day and it is really great fun.

Pirate Week

A very busy week in Class 4 - we have completed our pop-up pirate books this week.  In literacy we have started a new unit on journalistic writing using the Three Little Pigs story as a basis - the children have been very engaged in the story and we have had some great discussion and debates around is the wolf actually dead.  They even went out into the playground telling Mrs Roberts about it trying to explain how the wolf is not dead.   We look forward to seeing what happens next. 

 The children enjoyed their pirate day and the work that went alongside it.  We look forward to continuing the work in the coming weeks.

Spanish Week

This week our learning has been based on Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.  We had a lesson in flamenco dancing, cooked and ate some traditional Spanish food, recreated art from famous Spanish artists, and created a fact file and a holiday brochure about a Spanish-speaking country. We have enjoyed this week immensely and what a great way to end the first half term of 2024.


This week, we also had our Fabulous finish.  We created an art gallery showcasing all our learning from across all the subjects we have studied this half term.  We had some lovely comments from the visiting families about the talent and passion that the children have shown.

Bee Letters

We have been working with Alison Little and Iain Bark in writing persuasive letters about Bridport becoming a bee friendly town. We have written letters, that will be sent off to Dorset Council to help the town become more bee friendly. We are hoping that our letters will be listened to and that we will get a reply.