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Welcome to our new page.  There are so many great books out there, this page will include some fantastic ones that we have come across that we are sure you and your children will love.  Keep checking back as we update our recommendations.  Some books we have in school, but remember that Bridport Library can always order in a book for you (for free!).

The No Shelf Control Newsletters are also worth a read for recommendations, interesting author Q and A's and other general book stuff!

24th May 2024

Our theme this week is 'Bees', inspired by World Bee Day which we celebrated this week.

17th May 2024

Our theme this week is resilience, inspired by our fantastic Year 6 children who have faced their SATS this week.

10th May 2024

Our theme this week is history.  There are lots of fantastic books with a historical theme out there, just a couple of recommendations and a fantastic puzzle solving mystery book too!


5th May 2024

Our recommendations this week are all Graphic Novels - whole stories written in a comic book style.  This genre has really grown in popularity lately as the benefits are becoming more widely known.  The highly illustrated style helps children develop visual literacy, their ability to 'read' and interpret the pictures for clues and understanding about characters and plot development.  Picking this information up from the pictures then supports their understanding of the text and new vocabulary.  They also tend to be shorter and quicker reads, which appeals to some children.  We have just added some graphic novels to every class's book corners and the library.


 26th April 2024

Recommendations are linked to Earth Day this week.

Click here to read the No Shelf Control Newsletter - April.

19th April 2024 

 Recommendations this week are linked to growing as we move into Spring and growing season.  



No Shelf Control Newsletter - March

22nd March 2024

Recommendations this week are linked to the theme of Neurodiversity, as it is National Neurodiversity Celebration Week.


No Shelf Control Newsletter - February

15th March 2024

8th March 2024

1st March 2024


23rd February 2024


 No Shelf Control Newsletter - January