Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Pupil Experiences

At Symondsbury we find that the best people to talk to about our school and the experiences that they have are the children themselves.  So don't take our word for it - see what the children have to say:


"One of my great experiences in Symondsbury is on the last day when the leaving year 6s play a game of kick rounders against the teachers.  Another good thing is that learning is fun so it sticks. And the final thing is how welcomig the school is and how they made me feel like I'd been here for years, now I actually have. Symondsbury is a school that celebrates its differences and achievements. Everyone in this school has a good relationship which is vital for mental health."


"When I am at this school I feel special and magic. Symondsbury is special because the teachers are amazing and you can have fun and enjoy it." Freddie - Class 3


" I really like a range of things at this school but I really enjoy PE. It is so fun.  I like it at break time because everyone is kind.  I like how the teachers respect the children and children show respect to the adults by being kind and helpful.  Everyone has good relationships."  Franklin - Class 3


" My experience for the past 4 years has been amazing! Like the time we did the 150th birthday of our school. We do forest school and we build dens and do work with leaves. Every day when I step into school I always enjoy being there" 


"We have a yearly festival called Symfest after school in the summer. We have a raffle, a bouncy castle and we get to throw wet sponges at teachers!" Harry - Class 4


"At Symondsbury there are loads of arts and crafts and I love art and all the people at Symondsbury are so wise. It is so fun! I really like this school. We have so much fun that we learn without knowing it!"  Daisy - Class 4