Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England



In order to present a consistent image and avoid discrimination, there is a recommended range of school dress.  Parents may purchase uniform with the school logo, but this is not obligatory.  There is a small selection of uniform available to buy from the school office.  Parents can also order uniform directly from MyClothing online at or from School Trends online at  Both suppliers have a list of Symondsbury School uniform, accept credit cards, and will deliver directly to your home or to school.  Second hand uniform may be available to purchase through the Friends of Symondsbury School.



Children should wear a white polo shirt and a Symondsbury blue sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper, with black or grey trousers, shorts or skirts.  Girls may wear blue and white dresses in the summer.  Children are required to wear hats in hot weather.



Children should wear brown or black sensible shoes in the winter with the option of sandals in the summer.  Football boots should be worn for football only and black plimsolls for all other sports and PE, except outside games where trainers are recommended.  Shin pads are required for football.



We see no reason at all for children to wear jewellery of any type to school.  Children who have pierced ears should only wear small studs, which must be removed or covered on PE days.

Once children have learned to tell the time, they may wear a small, sensible watch to school, which they must remove for PE.  As with all personal possessions, this remains their own responsibility.

The school is able to offer assistance towards clothing only in extreme circumstances.



Games and PE uniform is a plain white tee shirt and dark blue or black shorts only. Cycling shorts are not suitable. Only short socks should be worn and not tights. PE kit should be kept in school at all times.

When representing the school at sporting events, those who take part will be given the school strip to wear.  As soon as the event is over the strip should be washed, ironed and returned to school as soon as possible.

All sports and games equipment should go home at half terms and holidays to be washed.  All items of clothing must be permanently named and be the responsibility of the child.

Children swim and learn sports skills at the Leisure Centre. They will need a named swimming costume, towel and swimming bag.

  NAME TAGS: All items of clothing and kit should be clearly named. Biro on labels is not enough!