Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England


Reading – is explicitly taught through quality texts that inspire and engage the children. We approach the teaching of reading through whole class reading sessions across the week. We use Reading Journals and Headstart to embed comprehension skills. More reading is embedded within the main English session daily. 

Writing - We take children through a writer’s journey in order to improve them as writers. Firstly, children are exposed to a particular genre where they learn about particular key features and techniques, being exposed to what a good one looks like as an example. Next, children are given a purposeful and exciting writing stimulus which promotes and encourages creativity. They explore and record their ideas through drafting, editing and proofreading, honing their skills through focussed teacher feedback. Finally, children present their completed work before being challenged to compose their own independent piece of writing based on their studied genre. Throughout the process, spelling, punctuation and grammar weave into work through morning jobs, warm-ups and shared writes, ensuring that skills are recapped and reinforced to embed and instil deeper understanding. We promote handwriting where we have a clear set of criteria for identifying children who are making progress in their handwriting; this is linked to our own handwriting policy which we have produced.

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Our English long term planning 2019-2020

Our reading progression grid   2019-2020

Our writing progression grid 2019-2020

Our English development plan 2019-2020

Our English Policy 2019-2020