Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

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Autumn 2023

Welcome back to the new school year.

It is here, alongside Dojo, that you can learn about what we have been up to on our learning journey this year.

Here is our Curriculum Map for the Autumn Term and the Start of term letter to parents.

We are looking forward to a fun year of learning. 

 Spelling, Letters etc

Here you will find a copy of Spellings and letters that are sent out. 

Autumn 1 Spellings - Y5  Y6 

Autumn 2 Spellings - Y5 Y6 

Science Week

This week has all been about science. We have created circuits to make lights and buzzers work. We have taught Class 1 how to create these simple circuits. Today, we had a carousel of activities investigating circuits, fingerprints, materials, looking at things very closely and making little kites. It has been a fun week and we have enjoyed all the science. 



Kenway Cup

Pop over to the Sports in Action page of the website to see all teh pictures.

Our First Sports Team Event - Tag Rugby - Saturday 14th Ocotber

Bridport Tag Rugby Festival  – Saturday 14th October 2023

WOW!  I could not be prouder of this lot! Every single member of the team put in 100%.  They played as a team, supporting, guiding and celebrating together.  They showed resilience throughout the whole event, in winning and losing. 

In the group stages, we won 3 and drew 2.  We made it through to the semi-finals (something that has never happened before from a Symondsbury team).  The semi-finial was a fast-paced match against St Catherines which was lost 6-2.  In the 3rd and 4th place play-off, again they fought – never giving up – but we lost 2-4 to Broadwindsor (a team we had drawn against in the group stage).  The Symondsbury Team were truly exceptional.

Franklin, Ollie and Harvey showed some exceptional footwork and speed scoring time and time again.  Freddie showed fantastic leadership skills – directing the team and providing on-pitch guidance and encouragement.  Riley, Fred, Betty, Maddie, Amy, Brooke and Rosa never stopped running, grabbing tags, supporting and ‘just doing it.’   If there was a prize for effort, teamwork, and resilience they would come out top.

I am incredibly proud of the children all the time with what they do, but today I am beaming with pride.  I just hope the England Rugby teams play half as well in their quarter final today as the Symondsbuty team did.

As massive thank you to all the parents for attending and being the ‘cheer leading’ team for the children.  It means so much to them to have this support.


Our first class trip 

Today, we visited Washingpool Farm for a Discover Farming ‘Expert Day’.  We spent the day learning from four separate farming experts.  We had a workshop on:

Soil – from Tom a Local farmer passionate about soil quality and compost - What is soil? We looked at the soil profile at Washingpool, highlighting the difference between good healthy soil and soil lacking in nutrients. Hands on. Hands dirty tasks.

Ellen from Tamarisk far, looking particularly at sheep’s wool and the process of fleece to jumper! Ellen had hands-on activities, carding and preparing wool for spinning, spinning wheels and weaving.

Pam the Vet - brought a scanner that is used to detect when ewes are pregnant. We had the chance to use the scanner and visual goggles in a bowl of water and then we had the opportunity to use a scanner on a sheep, under the very careful guidance of Pam and our very own school governor George Streatfeild.  We also had the chance to ‘birth a calf’ with a calf birthing simulator (soft toy used) this was a lot harder than we expected.

Connie Hawker – Chef – we create a simple dish, leek and potato soup with soda bread using harvested produce from the growing fields/polytunnels.

I was given lots of lovely feedback from the Experts about how polite and engaged the children were – Go Team!  Very proud teacher. A fabulous day learning from some very passionate people.


Week begining 11th September 

House Captains and Vice Captains

Congratulations to our new House Captains and Vice Captains who were voted for by the children in each house during our House meetings on Thursday. Children from Years 5 & 6 prepared a short speech to explain why they felt they would be the best candidate for the job. All of the children who applied showed real maturity and a sense of responsibility. The children also came up with ideas about what the role of a House Captain should entail and came up with fabulous ideas such as leading a House Meeting to filling out forms for Miss J! So watch this space…

In the meantime, huge congratulations to our new House Captains:

 Colmers          -            House Captain - Maddie    Vice Captain – Franklin

Allington        -            House Captain –Riley L     Vice Captain - Brooke

Ryeberry        -            House Captain – Fred        Vice Captain - Freddie

Langdon         -            House Captain – Betty            Vice Captain – Rosa

Our Brilliant Peer Mediators


A huge well done to children in Class 4 who completed their Peer Mediation training today which will mean that they are able to support children on the playground should there be any playground disagreements and help them find a resolution so that they can enjoy the rest of their playtime.  I was very proud of the mature way that you carried out the training and the speed that you learnt the complicated processes! Well done all!