Symondsbury Church of England VA Primary School

The Church of England

Autumn 2022

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It has been such a busy few weeks in the run up to Christmas.  We have made mince pies, cards and decorations.  We have enjoyed Christmas stories and written about our nativity characters.  As well as going to see the rest of the school perform their Christmas Production 'The Magical Christmas Jigsaw', we performed our own nativity, The Christmas Star'.  The children were fantastic!  It was also their first Christingle Service and they enjoyed making their Christingles to take to Church.




Fireworks have inspired us this week.  We have been watching clips of fireworks and have been thinking of interesting ways to describe them, the noises, what they look like and how they move.  We listened to some poems about fireworks and wrote our own class poem together.


Bang magical flowers!

Red rocket zooming up into space,


Bursting like a star, yellow, brown and blue,

Falling to the ground like sparking stars.


Blue rocket, zim, zam zooming to space,


Glowing light blue,

Sprinkling back down to Earth.


Green rocket zooming into space,


Flickering green,

Falling back down to Earth.


Harvest Week

We have been really enjoying our learning this week!  We have been grinding our own wheat to make flour and making bread and butter.  

Our highlight has to be our trip to Morrisons Bakery.  In the bakery we learnt about how they make their loaves of bread, saw some of the machines that are used, helped put some of the dough into tins ready for baking.  We also saw the prover and ovens and were let into the little bakery secret of how the jam gets in the doughnuts!

We also had a tour of the store and talked about where our food comes from and had out own personal pizza made for us on the deli.  It was a fantastic morning, thank you Morrisons!



Forest School

Our first Forest School session took us on an Autumn treasure hunt down to Simene field.  We loved collecting conkers, autumn leaves, acorns and 'helicopters'.  We talked about where they came from and how we could describe them.  We are looking forward to going to the woods next week!




Church Visit


Class 1 have visited the church for the first time.  They met Reverend Chris who talked to them about the significance of the different parts of the church.  The children were really interested, had lots of questions and listened well.







We have been making use of the lovely apples that grow on our school field.  We loved making these crumbles and taking them home to enjoy with our families.